Organising a fundraiser in a brewery


A few of us at 60 Watt (my company) were invited to the annual Marketing Society Scotland pub quiz, which took place last night at Edinburgh’s famous and historic Caledonian Brewery (pictured above).

“If this isn’t a fundraising opportunity,” thought I, “It’ll do until one comes along.” 

So I asked my colleague, Mark, who happens to be a commiteee member of the Marketing Society Scotland, if he could put me in touch with the organisers.  He went one better; he emailed them himself asking if I could hi-jack the event and sell some raffle tickets for the trek.

Worked like a charm.  As soon as the pub quiz ended, Sharon Annette, Chairperson of the event, stood up and said a few words about the Machu Picchu trek, then announced we’d be coming round all the tables selling raffle tickets.

Which we duly did.  The job made all the easier by the fact that all attendees had been taking full advantage of the free bar service available to all ticket holders.


Imagine the loosening effect on people’s purse strings of several hours of free Deuchers, Caley 80 shilling, Sand June etc. and you’ll appreciate why we managed to sell £238 worth of raffle tickets in around 20 minutes flat!

How did our team do in the pub quiz? 

Don’t ask.


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