Looks harmless enough, doesn’t it?

But the common (or garden) wheelbarrow shown above could potentially scupper this whole venture.

Last Saturday, me and my brother in law, Kerry, were loading concrete slabs into a trailer in order to take them to the local dump. This necessitated pushing a wheelbarrow heavily laden with slabs up a plank, a job we took in turns.

On my second shot at “plank running,”  just as I was launching the barrow up the plank, I felt the sensation of someone or something slapping me hard on the back of my lower left leg. I turned round to see what had hit me, but there was nothing there.  It hurt like hell, though.

I later learned that I had strained or ruptured the achilles tendon just where it connects to the gastrocnemius (large calf muscle) and could be out of serious action for up to three months!

To add insult to injury, I learned this phenomenon typically happens to “older” men who don’t get much regular exercise, but insist on behaving as if they are just as fit as they’ve always been.

Can’t imagine who they’re talking about, can you?

I will post an update once I’ve seen the doctor.


3 Responses to Disaster!

  1. Gavin says:

    That’s terrible.

    I can’t help myself from laughing at the final couple of paragraphs though…

  2. psmill says:

    Got a nasty limp. All I need now is a pair of crutches and a parrot and you can call me Short John Silver!

  3. hielan' coo says:

    That’s TERRIBLE that you would take slabs to the dump instead of giving them to me. I normally just lift them into the trailer one at a time.

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