That’s torn it.


Well, I went to the doctors yesterday and, thankfully, I was wrong.

My achilles tendon is intact and working  fine (that’s a relief – he said it could take between 6 weeks to 2 years or more to heal that puppy).

But I’ve torn my Gastrocnemius (your whattiumus? – Ed).  That’s the large calf muscle, to you. 

The picture above is an exact representation of what appears to have happened (except it’s my left leg that’s injured). 

The bad news is I have to give it complete rest, apart from gentle walking on the flat, for a minimum of 4 weeks.  Which is a bit of a bummer, as I had lots of hill walking planned at the end of July/beginning of August.

The good news is, he says I should be A1 in time for Peru.

“That’s funny”, I said, “I wasn’t A1 before I ruptured my Gastrothingimus!


6 Responses to That’s torn it.

  1. Gavin says:

    Sorry to hear that Pete – but at least you can still do the Peru hike!

  2. markgorman says:

    The M1’s quicker…

  3. psmill says:

    Easy to say that from the comfort of your Lazeeboy, Mr G.

  4. Lisa Viaros Hoffman says:

    If I may I ask a question, it is now 2011 and I have the same exact calf muscle in the exact same place on 2/21

    Did you use an Ace bandage on your calf while it was healing?

    Thank you.

  5. Pete Mill says:

    Hi Lisa

    No bandage, just rested it up for 4 weeks as the doctor said. It healed perfectly and I was able to do my trek as planned.

    • Lisa Viaros Hoffman says:

      Thank you Pete. Mine healed in 5 weeks. Every once in a while it is a little stiff but did hiking and running with no problem.

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