No more flying (for a while anyway)


The Airbus 319 from Lima to Custco touched down at 9.30 this morning (local time) signalling the final leg in a journey that lasted a fairly gruelling 28.5 hours, door to door.

But while Lima was shrouded in mist when we landed at 5.30 this morning, Custco was bathed in sparkling sunshine.

And since the trek doesn´t start until tomorrow, that meant we had the rest of the day to ourselves.

So we wandered up to the town centre to take a few snaps, do a spot of shopping and have a cold one.

Anywhere else it would be called skiving.  But we’re now at 10,000 ft above sea level.  And going up to 16.000 ft tomorrow-

Which makes it acclimatisation.

pete and fraser Cusco beer


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