Made it!

Higher than kites at 4,600metres

Higher than kites at 4,600metres

This is it.  Not the end of the trek, but certainly the high point.

The snap above was taken at the top of Hatun Paso. Breathtaking, literally, and at 4,600 metres about as far up as we’ll be going.

Above us, and unfortunately out of shot, is the magical peak of Pumahuanca, which towers an additional 1,000 metres into the air.

In a few minutes, we’ll be heading back down, passing Aurora and Yuraq lakes, then turning into Quena forest where we’ll stop for another enormous Peruvian-style lunch.

Hard work this trekking.

Below is a snap of the whole team celebrating our triumphal assent. And below that, a link to a video of a few of them arriving, breathless but happy, at the top.

team at the top

View the video.


One Response to Made it!

  1. Justine (Rambo!) says:

    Oh God! I love the video -not least because it shows me in all my glory powering up the last bit to receive a great big hug from Fred (wow!)and Joselo (aww!). Very Rambo-esque, n’e’cest pas? If you get a lot of hits its me watching my mate Fred over and over again!!

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