What’s on the menu 4

inca kola truck

In Scotland, Irn Bru  allegedly outsells Coca Cola four to one.

Here in Peru, they have another kind of Coke which massively outstrips the so-called Real Thing in popularity.

And no, it’s not cocaine.

It’s this stuff:

inca kola

What’s it like?

In appearance, Inca Kola is a greenish-yellow colour (don’t go there) and has a taste similar to bubble gum and not unlike the aforementioned Scottish national soft drink.

The big question: does Inca Kola contain any cocaine? Answer; like Coke, the original recipe did originally contain a few milligrams of the Class A drug in every bottle, but not any more. 

In fact, Inca Kola is now owned by the Coca Cola corporation and is currently available in 16 of the 52 united states.

No, they’re not a sponsor.  Just thought you’d like to know.


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