What’s on the menu 5

Pachamancha - can you dig it?

Pachamancha - can you dig it?

This was the highlight, gastonomically speaking, of the trek.

Pachamanca.  From two Quechua words, pacha, meaning earth and manca, meaning oven or pot.

While we snacked on freshly made popcorn and coca tea, the Peruvian porters were hard at work preparing this delicious traditional meal.

First, a pile of stones was heated on a fire.

Next, a variety of meats and vegetables was wrapped in banana leaves and placed on top of the hot stones.

Finally, earth was heaped on top and the whole lot left to cook for a couple of hours.

The result is shown below in all its mouthwatering glory.


Nothing other than the best tasting lamb, chicken, potatoes, sweetcorn and other vegetables I’ve ever eaten. Soooo succulent, as a result of being literally steam-cooked in their own juices.

Pachamanca.  I dig it.


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