What’s on the menu 6

quinoa porridge

Looks can be deceptive.  The beige-coloured, bland-looking item above is Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) porridge.

Back home, particularly in Scotland, Quinoa is, to be honest, the sort of food beloved of beard wearing hippy types who frequent those faddy health food shops most of us can’t afford to shop in.

Over here, it’s a staple and they make a thousand and one things with it, including the rather splendid Quinoa porridge we are served every morning on the trek.

Maybe it’s the oxygen starved air up here. Or our trek-enhanced appetites. Or perhaps we’ve just gone native.

Whatever. This stuff is amazing. Dare I say it, even better than the oat variety?

And for that I fully expect to be escorted in chains from the aeroplane as soon as it taxis to a halt at Edinburgh airport.


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