Related stuff


On this page you’ll find a miscellany of bits and pieces on matters not specifically about the trek itself but in a similar ball park.

Or as the headline says infinitely more succinctly, ‘Related stuff.’

Because these are WordPress sub pages, not posts (whatever that means) you can access this content via the box on the right, entitled ‘Pages,’ by clicking on any of the indented titles underneath the ‘Related Stuff’ heading. 

Quit complaining, you’ll pick it up quite quickly!  (Some people just want to be spoon fed, for goodness sake!)

The first post/sub page/whatever you call it is already up.  It’s an article on the perils of altitude sickness entitled, “Heavy Breathing in the Andes” (click on the title in the sidebar under ‘Pages, Related Stuff, Heavy Breathing in the Andes.’)  Simple.

More related stuff will follow, sure as eggs is eggs.


One Response to Related stuff

  1. Justine (Rambo!) says:

    Pete – this is a fantastic blog!! I am enjoying every second of reading it!!! See you soon for Pisco Sours at mine – it nearly got confiscated by Heathrow jobsworths (sorry to anyone who is a customs officer!!) but I have not trekked in Peru without becoming streetwise so it is now safely in my house and waiting to be cracked open!! Hurray!


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