Last training push, part deux

September 13, 2009


This is me (Pete, for the avoidance of doubt) standing at the summit of Ben Ledi (2,883 ft high, according to

As I said in my previous post, Ben Ledi is not a Munro.  In fact, it’s a Corbett.  Corbetts are shorter than the average Munro, just as their famous namesake, Ronnie, is shorter than the average person.  So those of you who know me will agree that this was an entirely fitting mountain for me to climb.

Here’s a wee pic of Ben Ledi for all to see:


Anyway, me and the missus made it to the top and down in 3 hours 15 minutes flat, including a 15 minute stop at the summit for lunch.

Best of all, my dodgy leg held up.

All set for Peru this Friday, then!