I thought trekking in the Andes would be tough, and so it was. 

But everything is relative. 

Upon my return from Peru, I learned of  a rather more extreme adventure embarked upon by my uncle Christopher (my late father’s brother) and his son, my cousin Angus.

Apparently, in March and April of this year, they went dog-sledding across artic Alaska for three weeks, camping out in the wilderness in temperatures up to minus 35 degrees.

Not for charity.  Just for the hell of it.

Only Uncle Christopher didn’t quite make it.  After two days of his Arctic trek, he got severe frostbite on both hands and spent the next seven to eight weeks being treated.

As he rather glibly put it, “It could have been worse – I only lost bits of three fingers.”

Angus continued the trip for three weeks and took many wonderful pictures, like the example above.  You can see the others, as well as some amazing video footage, on his blog of the trip.

Here’s the link.


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